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Enter the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes Through May 9th!


Win a dream floor during the Love Your Floor SweepstakesAs you may know, many savvy homeowners are right now taking advantage of the #LoveYourFloor sale going on now through May 12th.

In addition to special pricing on Mohawk flooring styles, you can receive up to $500 off on qualifying SmartStrand Silk and Armormax hardwoods.

We would be remiss to leave out that for the next two weeks through May 9th, the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes is selecting 3 lucky winners to bring home 1 of 3 cash prizes!

With no purchase necessary to win, you can enter our sweepstakes and possibly win $2500, $1000 or $500, which will help you love your floor even more!

Sweepstakes winners will be selected on May 7th, May 8th, and May 9th so waste no time entering today. You can increase your chances of winning one of the three prizes by sharing with a friend on Facebook or Tweeting it!

Until then, make sure your home has durable and beautiful floors with the #LoveYourFloor Sale by saving up to $500 on qualifying SmartStrand Silk and Armormax hardwoods and receiving special financing offers during this event. To save on your new flooring purchase, fill out the form by clicking the button below:

#LoveYourFloor & Receive Up To $500 Off

Now that you have entered the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes and filled out the form to receive $500 off during the #LoveYourFloor Sale, it’s time to get inspired and find a floor you will love for years. Whether it’s SmartStrand carpet or hardwood floors, here are some quick room scenes to get your imagination going:

Save during the #LoveYourFloor Sale!
Save on Mohawk Flooring styles during the Love Your Floor Sale

Here’s an adorable photo of one of our previous contest winners, Sammie Blomfield who received a bone-shaped SmartStrand area rug as a winner of our #ShareMoLove Best Friends Photo Contest. Look at these two enjoying supreme softness and stain resistance:

Good luck during the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes and happy shopping for beautiful flooring!

Mo Walks the Red SmartStrand Carpet on The Better Show!


SmartStrand carpet is perfect for pets!

During our #LoveYourFloor sale going on now through May 12th, you can receive up to $500 off as you pick the perfect style of flooring such as SmartStrand carpet to outfit your home.

And after NY fashion week ended, our favorite pooch Mo made sure to walk the SmartStrand red carpet on The Better Show to help showcase some smashing new puppy styles as well!

In this adorable segment, Mo joins Better Show’s hosts as well as pet fashion stylist Dara Foster from to display for viewers the latest and greatest in four-legged fashion.

Mo looked exceedingly dapper in his hat and bowtie, as Dara pointed out how dog fashion trends are actually runway-inspired and mirror the colors that were featured during fashion week. And because every fashionable dog needs a fashionable, pet-friendly place to lay on, Dara made sure to note the superior colors and stain-resistance of SmartStrand for the life of the carpet. As Dara mentions in the clip below, Mohawk nailed the combination of easy-to-clean and style:

#LoveYourFloor & Receive Up To $500 Off

While we are sharing cute puppy happenings, we wanted to make sure to add in some of our most recent #ShareMoLove pups of the week. Make sure to share your pictures on Instagram, tag and follow (@MohawkFlooring). Use the #ShareMoLove hashtag and we may feature yours!

These two cuties became our #ShareMoLove pups of the week posted by Wolfies & Cookies. They know how to beat the heat in style...

SmartStrand carpet is perfect for pets!
Here’s another #ShareMoLove pup of the week named Red as enjoys a beach sunset with his owner, Konrad Johnson. Everything about this picture is awesome…

SmartStrand carpet is perfect for pets!
This next #ShareMoLove picture comes from our photo album, but we couldn’t resist the cuteness…

SmartStrand carpet is perfect for pets!

A plush, supremely soft carpet like SmartStrand is a wonderful way to #ShareMoLove with your favorite pets. Make sure to capture your cute canine and send us a pic!

5 Tips for a Perfect Puppy Birthday Party #ShareMoLove


SmartStrand carpet is perfect for pets and parties!Mo turned the big 5 years old! Better Show’s favorite pooch celebrated his special day in style as host JD Roberto and Dara Foster from threw him a stress free party with the help of Mohawk's SmartStrand carpet.

Wait a minute, a puppy party? That’s right, pets are our children to and we are more than justified in making a fuss over them!

Do you have a favorite pooch that you want to throw a pup-tastic birthday party for? It may sound like a lot of work, but we have the tips to make your fun and furry event a no-hassle affair.

No need to be worried about a mess being made, just follow these helpful pointers showcased in this thoughtful segment.

And if you weren’t able to catch Mo’s birthday celebration when it initially aired, no need to howl; everyone’s invited to relive the awesome party right here:

Mo is such a cute pup worth celebrating! We love this segment so much and encourage you to celebrate a pet’s birthday sometime. Make sure you follow Dara’s awesome tips:

SmartStrand is the Perfect Carpet for Pets & Parties!

5 Tips for a Perfect Puppy Birthday Party

1. Pick a Stress Free Location

Think of using a back yard, a park, a doggie park, private play space or a room in your home. If you choose to keep the party close to home, pick a room that can withstand a mess on your floor. Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet is perfect for this, equipped with stain and soil resistant for the life of the carpet. That makes it ideal for dogs, families and especially parties!

2. Keep It Small & Manageable

Keep your guest list at a small size to avoid too much chaos and stress on the dogs and you! Make sure to invite dogs that all have similar temperaments so everyone will get along. Also, keep the party short no more than two hours.

SmartStrand is the perfect carpet for pets and parties!

3. Dog Friendly Party Decor!

There are several places on-line where you can order doggie birthday party kits. You can personalize party hats and other dog-themed party favors! It's also fun to pick a theme or a color-scheme of 3 to 4 colors to coordinate the party.

4. Healthy Dog-Friendly Cakes & Toys

There are tons of dog birthday cakes and treats to choose from that are even organic and healthy, whether you want to buy a cake or bake your own. The frosting on Mo’s cake is actually hardened yogurt and not all sugar! Be sure to keep watch out for any food guarding between the dogs and keep plenty of clean water bowl scattered around the party space. Keep the dogs stimulated and burn off the cake calories with a variety of interactive toys for various breeds and sizes.

5. Manage The Mess For No Stress

Let’s face it, a dog party is going to be messy. Keep plenty of paper towels, poo pickup bags, cleaning supplies, puppy pads and trash bags handy for the end-of-party clean up. With SmartStrand Carpet you can truly throw a stress-free party, so go ahead and plan the dog party of your dreams.

TBS Bryan McCay IMG 3344

If Mo’s birthday party was any indication, your pup will have an amazing time as well. Spoil your pup for a special birthday and share it with us on Instagram using the #ShareMoLove hashtag!

The "Our Best Friends" #ShareMoLove Photo Contest Winner!


Share Mo Love with SmartStrand carpet!When we asked you to #ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest, we knew that we would receive some tremendously adorable pics of precious pups and their human counterparts.

Our favorite dog Mo enjoyed the photos as much as we did and together, we had a difficult time narrowing down only one winner.

After combing through all the Instagram submissions with the #ShareMoLove hashtag, we narrowed it down to our insanely cute contest semi-finalists.

So who took home the $100 gift card to Petco and dog bone shaped SmartStrand rug, the perfect carpet for puppies and their human parents to play on together?

We won’t make you wait any longer! We also included our other semi-finalists and more awesome submissions for you to fawn over. Prepare to be delighted…

Here is the “Our Best Friends” photo contest winner! A furry hug against a beach sunset is a perfectly picturesque place to #ShareMoLove

Here's our #ShareMoLove contest winner!

While there could only be one grand winner in the photo contest, we feel that anyone who took the time to #ShareMoLove is a winner in our books. Here are the other awesome semi-finalists that almost took home the prize. All utterly endearing to say the least:

Check out these #ShareMoLove semi-finalists

Check out these #ShareMoLove finalists

Check out these #ShareMoLove finalists

And just because we can, we wanted to give you some more magnificent photos to marvel at. It’s incredible to see the personality that these animals display with their favorite humans. All entries truly captured the #ShareMoLove concept!

The #ShareMoLove contest had many cute photos!

Check out these cute #ShareMoLove photos

Check out these cute #ShareMoLove photos

Check out these cute #ShareMoLove photos

Check out these cute #ShareMoLove photos

Thank you to everyone who participated in “Our Best Friends” Photo Contest- Make sure to continue to promote Mo’s Facebook page to benefit the PetFinder Foundation!

#ShareMoLove During the "Our Best Friends" Photo Contest


#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!We totally understand that your adorable dog is the “MVP” (Most Valuable Puppy) in your family, just like Mo is the prized pooch in our Mohawk Flooring family.

And during the Our Best Friends photo contest, Mo wants you to #ShareMoLove and in return we will to!

You have until February 15th to capture your dog in action, share a photo via Instagram, tag @MohawkFlooring and use the #ShareMoLove hashtag. (Click for Full Details)

Your precious photo could win a $100 gift card to Petco and a dog bone shaped SmartStrand rug, the perfect carpet for puppies and their human parents to play on together!

Time is running out to join in on all of the photo fun. As you will see below from some current entries, pretty much any picture of a dog is a great one!

It’s always a great time to #ShareMoLove with our furry friends- a smooch for a pooch!

#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!

Our snazzy canine dazzles in this striped pink outfit, very chic.

#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!

This handsome little fella is in a state of deep reflection as he realizes SmartStrand carpet has built-in stain resistance that will help him get out of trouble for making a mess. A major thought indeed.

#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!

Playing on SmartStrand carpet has these two fluffy pups absolutely wiped.

#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!

Look at this little guy! He’s insanely cute and loves Hardwood floors just like us!

#ShareMoLove during the Our Best Friends photo contest!

Good luck to everyone who enters the Our Best Friends Photo Contest! Happy Snapping!

#ShareMoLove with these 5 Recipes for your Doggy Tailgate!


#ShareMoLoveBeing an amazing spokesperson for the SmartStrand Unleashed Carpet Challenge can work up a big appetite! Just ask Mo, our canine correspondent during Super Bowl weekend.

Whether he’s earning donations to the PetFinder Foundation on Facebook or visiting The Better Show with Chip Wade, Mo is doing whatever he can to #ShareMoLove across the nation.

In fact, Mo has even created the Our Best Friends contest where you can share photos of your furry best friend on Instagram for the chance to WIN a $100 Petco card and SmartStrand dog bone rug like the one Mo is playing is on!

Simply post the picture to Instagram using #ShareMoLove to enter from now until February 15th, 2014Click for Full details

All that to say, Mo is one hungry pup and can’t wait to dive into a tasty snack spread while watching the football action tomorrow! Want to give your favorite dogs some special treats? We have some inspired recipes for you to prepare…

Mohawk has the perfect carpet for your pets!

5 Recipes for a Perfect Doggy Tailgate

#ShareMoLove with the perfect doggy tailgate!1. Chicken Jerky Strips

Humans aren’t the only ones who love spicy, seasoned jerky- pups love these savory snacks to! This easy recipe from PETSUGAR is very simple to prepare but will need some substantial cooking time so start your prep early. Using chicken gives your dogs a great, lean source of protein while providing the meaty punch that your prized pooches love.

2. Beef Pupsicles

#ShareMoLove with the perfect doggy tailgate!Seriously, who can resist making a snack with a precious name like “Pupsicles” for some devoted dogs to devour? These cool, beef-flavored snacks from Dog Tipper are a breeze to make and are sure to please your hungry furry friends. We also suggest replacing the beef stick with your dog’s favorite similarly-shaped treat to make it extra special.

3. Healthy, Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits

We’re not entirely sure it’s a true doggy tailgate without dog biscuits! We found this healthy, gluten-free recipe from Parties for Pennies and we know our pups will be very thankful. Easy to make and delicious to dogs, these biscuits are actually flavored with organic baby food. In fact, we suggest using pumpkin baby food as pumpkin is said to sooth a dog’s stomach.

#ShareMoLove with the perfect doggy tailgate!4. No Bake Peanut Butter Treats

It always seems like the best snacks have the words “no bake” in front of them! This time the tried-and-true human favorite combo of peanut butter and jelly are presented in a way that our precious pooches can enjoy. Seasoned with cinnamon and coated in healthy oats, Jo and Sue provide this proven puppy-pleaser in three easy steps.

5. Carob Doggy Brownies

Even our canine companions need a sweet dessert after finishing some tasty treats. From Pink Sugar Baking, these brownies are an appropriate alternative to chocolate for your dogs. Made from carob, now everyone can get in on the chewy gooey snacks that humans love so much!

First we helped you plan a puppy tailgate and now we assisted with a marvelous menu. We want to see pics from your puppy tailgate- it’s a celebration!

Mo & Chip Wade #ShareMoLove on The Better Show!


#ShareMoLove with Mohawk's Our Best Friends photo contest!As Mo continues to #ShareMoLove during the SmartStrand Unleashed Carpet Challenge, he maintains a busy, fun-filled schedule with a pace that few could match.

In fact, Mo has even kick-started a #ShareMoLove Instagram photo contest where you can WIN a $100 Petco card and dog bone SmartStrand rug by sharing a photo of your furry best friend!

Just post a picture of your pup on Instagram using the #ShareMoLove hashtag through February 15th, 2014 to enter instantly: Click for Full details

On top of his #ShareMoLove photo contest and his Facebook PetFinder Foundation Campaign, Mo and celebrity designer Chip Wade stopped by the set of The Better Show to share with show host JD Roberto some great ways to plan a doggy tailgate.

Mo made his television debut today during this The Better Show segment! It was also announced that he will join The Better Show for appearances throughout the year on the Hallmark Channel, so visit for a list of local affiliate stations. In this brand-new clip below, Mo and his cute friend Maybelline play on SmartStrand carpet in their football-themed outfits while Chip and JD review the perfect puppy tailgate procedure:

What an adorable, thoughtful video! As it turns out, a doggy tailgate isn’t that far removed from a human tailgate: it’s all about the attendees, the food, decorations and the right approach.

Here are 4 Tips for Planning an Awesome Doggy Tailgate

1. Choose An Appropriate Dog Invite List

When inviting more than one dog to a party, it’s always a good idea to be mindful about a good mix of dog personalities and characteristics. A good mix of pups will include both girl dogs and boy dogs, big dogs and small dogs. Your invite list should be designed with puppy interaction in mind, so a balance will help ensure a fun tailgate.

2. Create Human & Dog Friendly Snacks

Humans everywhere, both young and old, will get a big kick out of designing a tailgate menu that they can actually dine on with their favorite canines. Rather than wings and dip, try these flavorful snacks like fish tacos, chili safe for dogs to consume, sliders shaped like dog bones and snappy turkey jerky. Your dogs will bark with joy!

3. Keep Decorations Festive & Safe

What’s a party or tailgate without proper decorations of your favorite team? You can deck out your doggy get-together with football spirit, just do it thoughtfully. Try to stay away from anything with glues or adhesives that pups may try to taste. To prevent choking hazards, keep any balloons high where they can not be pierced. And just as a precautionary measure for fun puppy play, always keep a first-aid kit handy.

4. Accidents Will Happen, Be Prepared!

Whether its pups or their loving owners, it will be heard to have a party without any messes made. Maybe that is a food spill or a puppy accident, but it’s wise to anticipate some clean-up. With Mohawk SmartStrand carpet, you can serve ALL guests worry-free. Why? SmartStrand is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that never washes or wears off. Pet friendly & perfect for pups!

Mohawk has the perfect carpet for your pets!

Mo can’t wait to watch the big game with his friends! Now that you’re armed with this awesome list for a doggy tailgate, make sure to share your doggy tailgate photos and ideas with us as well!

Puppy Bowl X is almost here! It's time to #ShareMoLove


Mo is excited for Puppy Bowl X!Don’t look now, but Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, is less than 10 days away. Mo is just as excited as we are to take part in the fun and as you can see, he has his snacks and team gear ready!

We are providing the soft, resilient SmartStrand carpet football field for the puppies to play on, but there is so much more that goes into Puppy Bowl X preparation.

For instance, this video from Animal Planet provides a unique behind the scenes look at what it take to be a Puppy Bowl referee.

Also, we are tagging along with Mo to visit New York City and witness the Puppy Bowl Experience at Times Square. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun at this interactive event!

Mohawk has the perfect carpet for your pets!

Trying to decide which team to root for in Puppy Bowl X? Check out the official starting line-up from Animal Planet and get an early feel for the furry competitors.

Meanwhile, Mo’s social media #ShareMoLove campaign has taken off! We are receiving some tremendously cute canine submissions and even a surprising feline participant…

Here are two supremely relaxed dogs that belong to owner Tom Monte. They might not share the couch, but they definitely #ShareMoLove...

#ShareMoLove with Mohawk SmartStrand

Below are Todd Oser’s two cuties who peacefully #ShareMoLove on a cushiony couch in a lovely Valentine’s Day shade:

#ShareMoLove with Mohawk SmartStrand

Brutus below belongs to Erica Hughes. He is obviously in deep thought, thinking about how he can inspire others to #ShareMoLove...

#ShareMoLove with Mohawk SmartStrand

This little buddy is Cooper, who belongs to Amy. Cooper is so cute, he can #ShareMoLove just by looking at the camera!

#ShareMoLove with Mohawk SmartStrand

Mo also received a letter from a diplomatic kitty named Putty, who belongs to owner Bill. Putty was so moved by the #ShareMoLove campaign, she jumped on board:

#ShareMoLove with Mohawk SmartStrand"Dear Mo,

As much as it surprises me to say this, you have changed my views on dogs significantly. I love your #ShareMoLove campaign with Mohawk Flooring!

I don't have a puppy brother, but I think dogs, cats and humans all need to #ShareMoLove. I also love SmartStrand and I can't wait to watch Puppy Bowl X, including the kitty half time show! I want everyone to #ShareMoLove and I wish all dogs were as thoughtful as you Mo.

Your new friend,
Putty (from Orlando, FL)"

Hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful creatures- Snap a picture of your dog, share it using #ShareMoLove and we may feature your cutie!

Help Mo on Social Media! Make Sure You #ShareMoLove


Mo is leading our SmartStrand Unleashed Carpet Challenge!Our buddy Mo, the furry, lovable spokesperson of the SmartStrand Unleashed Carpet Challenge, is off to a feverish start on his 2014 New Year’s Resolutions!

While his list to the right involves some personal goals such as more walks (which we all need!) and staying out of the trash, right at the very top Mo clearly defines his top priority.

As Mo helps spread the word about the amazing pet-friendly SmartStrand carpet, he aims to get as many of his fellow canines adopted through the PetFinder Foundation.

He’s off to a great start with his Facebook page that sends $2 to the PetFinder Foundation for every “Like” that it receives. You can track Mo’s donation progress and even share his page to contribute.

Well, Mo is taking his social media efforts one step further with his #ShareMoLove hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Snap a picture of your pup, share it on social media using the #ShareMoLove hashtag and we may feature your pet!

Mohawk has the perfect carpet for your pets!

Also, in order to make sure Mo has no jitters before his appearance during Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, Mo just made his TV debut on The Better Show opening montage:

You did awesome Mo, you’re a natural! Seriously, who can resist him?


Mohawk is the official sponsor of Puppy Bowl X!We can’t believe there are only a couple more weeks until Puppy Bowl X airs on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014. We are so honored and excited to be the official carpet sponsor!

Maybe carpet and pets don’t usually go together, but this is SmartStrand we are talking about- the engineered stain protection allows families to enjoy their dogs without worry.

Help us as we tackle life’s messiest moments and assist in helping homeless pets- And make sure you are tuned in to Animal Planet for Puppy Bowl X!

Mohawk is the Official Carpet Sponsor of Puppy Bowl X!


Mohawk is the official carpet sponsor of Puppy Bowl X!Remember that adorable pup we introduced you to earlier, our good buddy Mo?

As we mentioned before, Mo’s first big adventure as the face of our SmartStrand Unleashed Carpet Challenge will be in February at Puppy Bowl X.

Well, we are incredibly proud to announce that on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014, Mohawk has partnered with Animal Planet to be the official carpet sponsor of Puppy Bowl X!

The action-packed, football-inspired canine competition is an annual favorite with a record 12.4 million viewers last year, and something you must see to believe!

Mohawk has the perfect carpet for your pets!

Take this recap of Puppy Bowl IX from last year as an idea of the fun that’s waiting ahead:

We are more than confident that SmartStrand can withstand this barrage of active, adorable puppies! With engineered stain protection at the molecular level, SmartStrand is built to provide easy clean-up from a puppy accident or durability to resist footprints.

SmartStrand is the perfect carpet for a home with pets!With no added chemicals or added stain resistance, the Triexta fiber lends the perfect soft playing field for the puppies to compete!

As everyone will fall in love watching the rescue dogs prance on SmartStrand, Mo aims to continue raising awareness for the Petfinder Foundation.

Dedicated to helping homeless pets find loving homes since 2003, the Petfinder Foundation also receives $2 donated from Mohawk for every Facebook “Like” that Mo receives on his page!

Help us as we tackle life’s messiest moments and assist in helping homeless pets- And make sure you are tuned in to Animal Planet for Puppy Bowl X!

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