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Enter the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes Through May 9th!


Win a dream floor during the Love Your Floor SweepstakesAs you may know, many savvy homeowners are right now taking advantage of the #LoveYourFloor sale going on now through May 12th.

In addition to special pricing on Mohawk flooring styles, you can receive up to $500 off on qualifying SmartStrand Silk and Armormax hardwoods.

We would be remiss to leave out that for the next two weeks through May 9th, the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes is selecting 3 lucky winners to bring home 1 of 3 cash prizes!

With no purchase necessary to win, you can enter our sweepstakes and possibly win $2500, $1000 or $500, which will help you love your floor even more!

Sweepstakes winners will be selected on May 7th, May 8th, and May 9th so waste no time entering today. You can increase your chances of winning one of the three prizes by sharing with a friend on Facebook or Tweeting it!

Until then, make sure your home has durable and beautiful floors with the #LoveYourFloor Sale by saving up to $500 on qualifying SmartStrand Silk and Armormax hardwoods and receiving special financing offers during this event. To save on your new flooring purchase, fill out the form by clicking the button below:

#LoveYourFloor & Receive Up To $500 Off

Now that you have entered the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes and filled out the form to receive $500 off during the #LoveYourFloor Sale, it’s time to get inspired and find a floor you will love for years. Whether it’s SmartStrand carpet or hardwood floors, here are some quick room scenes to get your imagination going:

Save during the #LoveYourFloor Sale!
Save on Mohawk Flooring styles during the Love Your Floor Sale

Here’s an adorable photo of one of our previous contest winners, Sammie Blomfield who received a bone-shaped SmartStrand area rug as a winner of our #ShareMoLove Best Friends Photo Contest. Look at these two enjoying supreme softness and stain resistance:

Good luck during the #LoveYourFloor Sweepstakes and happy shopping for beautiful flooring!

5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Floor


Mohawk Flooring has the perfect surface for your kitchen.Your kitchen is more than just a culinary workplace.

Often times, your kitchen will double as a studio for arts and crafts, a restaurant for our beloved furry friends, not to mention the first part of the home family members will often enter from the backyard or garage.

Tracks will be made, chairs will be pushed across, and food will be spilled. Therefore, your research beforehand will ensure that you pick the perfect kitchen floor for both look and function.

Durable and easy to clean are two key qualities to selecting an excellent floor for your kitchen. Active children and pets will certainly push these factors to their limits!

And of course there’s also the style factor to consider: How will your kitchen floor fit in with the other flooring in your home? Do you want your flooring option to create a striking appearance or lend a subtle comfort?

Don’t become overwhelmed with the details to consider, especially when we have created some helpful tips for you to review!

Add the Mohawk \u0026quot\u003BHome Is In The Kitchen\u0026quot\u003B Area Rug

1. Ceramic tile is a safe bet for nearly any style & budget.

When it comes to durable and easy-to-clean, Ceramic Tile definitely delivers. In addition to being very affordable, the practically endless color, size, shape and pattern options will help you create the look you want. You might need to add a mat to make standing for long periods more comfortable and to protect against slips when tile floors become wet.

2. Want an incredible, striking visual? Porcelain tile is a great choice.

A type of ceramic tile created with color all the way through, Porcelain tile similarly comes in a tremendously vast array of colors, shapes, and styles. High-definition printing techniques are so advanced, the tile can replicate a hardwood or natural stone visual flawlessly. These tiles are harder than regular ceramic, so they can become more uncomfortable to stand on but damage is less likely to show.

3. Hardwood floors will provide warmth and blend well with other flooring.

Traditional Hardwood styles like mahogany, maple and oak have always maintained strong popularity with homeowners. Comfortable and warm, wood floors are a sound investment both increasing the value of homes and easily fitting an overall home design. Although wood floors of previous decades could fall victim to wear-and-tear, technological advancements such as ArmorMax have ensured that today’s hardwood floors will stay newer, longer!

4. Laminate Flooring reduces both cost and labor for homeowners.

Think of Laminate flooring as the ultimate in convenience when it comes to kitchen floors. With the impressive ability to capture the look of stone, bamboo, and wood at a fraction of the cost, laminate flooring is also less prone to scratching and can be installed directly over existing flooring. However, laminates have a shorter lifespan and will not improve home value.

5. Vinyl is an exciting choice for extreme comfort and unique visual.

Will you be spending long periods of time standing in your kitchen? Vinyl flooring is long-lasting, easy-to-clean, and offers exceptional cushioning. Vinyl can be installed directly over the subfloor, but might require professional installation. However, vinyl sheets are easy to cut and can be a rewarding DIY project with proper planning and careful execution.

Which flooring type best suits your Pro’s and Con’s? Weigh what matters most to you and decide appropriately. The research you do now will ensure that your kitchen serves both your home and your style preferences for years of delicious cooking and family memories.

Happy Veterans Day 2013 from Mohawk Flooring!


Happy Veterans Day 2013!

Since 1919, November 11th has served as our nation’s holiday to honor the brave men and women who have served in armed service, also known as veterans.

Veterans Day is an important observance in which we show pride in the heroism of those who have served, are still serving, and those who passed in service of our country.

Mohawk works with Operation Finally Home to build homes for US Veterans.Today at Mohawk Flooring during Veterans Day 2013, we consider our partnership with Operation Finally Home a tremendous privilege and special opportunity to show our gratitude and respect to those who have sacrificed so much for the United States.

In addition to these service members, their families provide vital support and will also be affected by the injuries sustained overseas by their family members serving.

Operation Finally Home provides custom-built, mortgage free homes to veterans and the widows of the fallen, by bringing together corporate sponsors, builders, developers and volunteers, helping get lives back on track after the hardships they have faced.

It is our true honor to donate flooring for Operation Finally Home houses since December 2011. In 2012, we worked with J.R. Martinez to raise even more awareness for America’s war wounded and donated flooring for all 16 of the houses Operation Finally Home built in 2012.

We can’t think of a better story to share this Veterans Day 2013 than that of the Gizzarelli family, true heroes in our eyes:

“On November 10, 2004, U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Vincent Gizzarelli suffered a traumatic brain injury when an improvised explosive device detonated near his position during a firefight in Iraq. Since being medically retired from the Marine Crop in 2009, Vincent has continued to struggle with his injuries and PTSD.”

In addition to earning two purple hearts, Vince and his wife showed just how big their heart is when they adopted three young boys and provided them with a stable household environment. The Operation Finally Home house that was built for the Gizzarelli family (below) is a testament to all parties involved, showing the sacrifice for our country and the honor of our veterans while helping a heroic family in need:

Mohawk partners with Operation Finally Home to build homes for US Veterans.

As the home was built, lives were rebuilt as well. These service members and their families are used to sacrificing; we are truly humbled to play even a small part in the fresh start that they receive.

If you are interested in assisting Operation Finally Home with their mission, please visit their donation page and find out how you can help. Happy Veterans Day 2013!

Mohawk Products Used in A&E's "Flipping San Diego" Episode!


Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series.
On the inspiring and innovative A&E television series Flipping San Diego, Chris Bedgood and Chief Denney aim to quickly renovate some challenging homes in the prime San Diego, CA real estate market.

The quicker that Chris and Chief can turn around the homes in the aggressive business climate, the more money can be made thus igniting their competitive and creative spirits.


Airing Saturdays at 12:00 PM, Flipping San Diego has showcased some fixer-upper’s that have truly stretched the dynamic duo to their limits and abilities and the “House of Horrors” was no exception!

Originally airing on July 20th, 2013, the “House of Horrors” episode focused on a steal of a deal they discovered in the popular Allied Gardens neighborhood. However, Chris and Chief quickly learned that they were in for a series of unfortunate surprises:

"We picked up this house in Allied Gardens and all I could think was NASTY! We walked in and it not only smelled like death, but nicotine and smoke was DRIPPING down the wall”

How would these two even begin to repair and uplift this home? Well, we don’t want to give away all of the details, but let’s just say that Mohawk Flooring helped save the day!

Mohawk Flooring soft carpet is designed for decades of luxurious comfort and supreme durability. Check out the “House of Horrors” Before & After pictures below and see how Mohawk carpet assisted the impressive turnaround:

Kitchen Before & After

Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series.

Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series.

Bathroom Before & After

Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series. 
Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series. 

Living Room Before & After

Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series.
Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series. 

Bonus Room Before & After

Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series.
Mohawk products are featured on A&E's "Flipping San Diego" series. 

Now, that is a transformation! Set your DVR’s to A&E for the next airing of Flipping San Diego’s “House of Horrors” episode on Saturday, August 17th, 2013.

We have to give a special thank-you to the “Odd Couple of Real Estate” Chris and Chief for thinking of Mohawk Flooring to successfully finish this flip. Watch the fun and share with us your thoughts of the final unveiling!

A Special Mohawk Before & After: LifeLine Animal Project


Mohawk contributed vinyl flooring to the LifeLine Animal Project doghouse renovation.Pets are like members of our families and at Mohawk, we’ve always taken our furry friends into consideration when engineering our flooring products.

From stain-resistant carpet to scratch-proof hardwood flooring, we have created the perfect options for an active home with one or numerous pets.

Therefore, our recent partnership with LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, GA was extremely near and dear to our hearts.

LifeLine Animal Project is a non-profit organization that aims to create “collaborative lifesaving solutions” for Georgia’s homeless pets.

Beginning June 1st, LifeLine Animal Project began renovating the doghouse floors and we were honored to contribute the Congoleum CareFree Planks for the final surface!

With a glueless, no-adhesive installation, Congoleum Carefree Plank provided a fast, easy and clean installation for the doghouse. Take a look at the awesome before and after pictures of this amazing project:

“When our pups were in need, Mohawk Flooring stepped up and donated the product we needed! We can't thank them enough! This let us direct the rest of the floor campaign donations towards covering delivery and installation costs, which let us stretch contributions even more effectively. Once again, we here at LifeLine Animal Project take heart in the fact that we don't just have supporters, we have champions!”

Mohawk contributed vinyl flooring to the LifeLine Animal Project doghouse renovation.

“Still plugging away on the floors. We're getting close! Thanks again to the wonderful people at Mohawk Flooring for donating all the materials - as well as everyone who fostered or donated towards the delivery and installation costs! All of our puppies thank you a bunch!”

Mohawk contributed vinyl flooring to the LifeLine Animal Project doghouse renovation.

“With the doghouse floor refinishing completed we wanted to show some before and afters! To all of the donors, volunteers, and fosters that helped make this happen, thank you all so much!”

Mohawk contributed vinyl flooring to the LifeLine Animal Project doghouse renovation.

“Thanks to many fosters, volunteers, and donors (including Mohawk Flooring for the materials) our floor is looking tip-top!”

Mohawk contributed vinyl flooring to the LifeLine Animal Project doghouse renovation.

The final installation looks awesome and we are so thankful for the great home that the LifeLine Animal Project provides until the lovable animals find a permanent home.

If you would like to provide a home for one of these beautiful pups, here is the contact info to get started:

Email for Adoptions:

The LifeLine Animal Project helps Georgia's homeless pets find permanent homes.Phone: (404) 292-8800

LifeLine Animal Project
P.O. Box 15466
Atlanta, Georgia 30333

A Web Story: Clever Rental Renovation with Mohawk Laminate


Mohawk Laminates transform your home design.We are always keeping our eyes open for some of the best stories on the web about home projects/renovations that feature Mohawk products and this lesson in laminate selection is a great one.

This video blog, or “Vlog”, from Jennifer Rizzo as she shared her flooring experience during her impressive Oak House project, is an awesome way to document her progress.

In this first installment, Jennifer details how she had to work with two very unfortunate surfaces, a chipped ceramic tile in the kitchen and a “peel-and-stick” tile in the living room, as she renovated a rental house for sale.

How would our DIY-heroine Jennifer solve this flooring dilemma? Check out her neat video below and watch for yourself:

Vlog post The Oak House June 8th,2013 from Jennifer Rizzo

When Jennifer removed the carpet from the bedrooms, she found that there were beautiful hardwood floors underneath that she wanted to refinish and capture the original beauty.

Jennifer’s dilemma was then deciding whether to match the flooring in the other areas or go with something different like carpet. She first decided to check out some Mohawk Laminate samples to see if she could in fact match the original wood floors.

With a tremendous amount of shades and finishes to choose from, Jennifer picked the Benton style in Cinnamon Spice to very closely match the wood found in the bedroom:

Benton Cinnamon Spice Oak 

She also utilized a slight color variation for the hallway, kitchen, and living room, noting that the way light changes throughout a household will help transition the subtle color difference.

Ultimately, Jennifer felt that the Mohawk Laminate presented an excellent compromise in having real wood in the bedrooms and a product that looks and performs like natural hardwood in the high traffic areas. In addition to a gorgeous visual and great value, Mohawk Laminates will give Jennifer an incredibly easy installation process for the continuous floor she’s looking for.

Also, over time the Laminate will serve the home admirably with easy clean-up against spills and durable, scratch-resistant technology against wear-and-tear.


Jennifer, we think you are an inspiration! We can’t wait to see the progress and final results of your renovation. Laminates to the rescue once again!

What Are the Advantages of Laminate Flooring?


Mohawk Laminate Flooring provides tremendous advantages for your home.Chances are, you have recently walked on or noticed a beautiful laminate floor without ever knowing it.

Today’s laminate are vastly different from the styles that were first introduced during the late 1970s.

For starter’s the enhanced realism and printing capabilities of modern laminate flooring looking more gorgeous than ever before. 

Also, technology and superior finishes make today’s laminate flooring more durable and last longer than the product of yester-year.

What is timeless however, is the ease of installation, maintenance and amazing value that laminate flooring provides. Mohawk Laminates combine the best of all these characteristics for an incredible results and beautiful surfaces.


Ready to be impressed? Here are 8 advantages of laminate flooring that make this surface hard to resist!

1. Incredible visual – We want gorgeous floors and today’s technology delivers! Mohawk Laminates with GenuEdge takes naturally occurring wood patterns and beautifully replicates them in a revolutionary process that allows designs to roll over the edge of the laminate planks for an unparalleled realistic visual.

2. Exceptional Value – Laminate flooring offers homeowners to create the look they desire without maxing out the entire budget. With constantly improving technology, you are giving your home great style for less. Mohawk’s glueless locking system also eliminates the expense of adhesives for installation.

3. Easiest Clean-Up - Another reason we love Laminates? It’s flooring that’s easy to clean! Spills require only a vacuum or broom and a slightly damp mop. Mohawk GenuEdge Technology also prevents dirt and dust from getting trapped in between the plank’s eased edges. Now that’s easy.

4. Painless Installation - Mohawk Laminate floors feature UniClic Technology, the industry’s most premier glueless locking system. The tongue–and–groove shape creates a tight connection, reduces installation time, and comes with a lifetime locking system warranty

5. Durable & Scratch Resistant - Everyday wear and tear doesn’t stand a chance against Mohawk Laminates with ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection. ScratchGuard infuses aluminum crystals into the top layer of the laminate floor for incredible surface protection and making it the perfect choice for high-traffic locations.

6. Increased Style – Designers require the most design options possible and Laminate manufacturers are answering the call. Mohawk offers laminate planks in longer lengths and widths in order to truly capture the look that homeowners want. Also, Mohawk’s latest laminate Barrington offers the high-gloss finish that is in high demand.

7. Green Product – With the increasing demand for eco-friendly flooring, Mohawk Laminates fit the bill: Mohawk Laminates diverts 680 million pounds of material from U.S. landfills and some contain up to 74 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Annually, one billion pounds of wood waste is reused in Mohawk laminate production.

8. Homegrown Hardwood – Another trend throughout the nation is buying goods that are made in the United States. As American consumers look for ways to stimulate the national economy, purchasing products manufactured stateside is one excellent source.

While representing one of the more recent flooring options developed, it's obvious why Laminates are wildly popular with consumers. At Mohawk, we're crazy about Laminates and would love to hear how you have used them in your home! 


Save on Flooring During Mohawk’s Love Your Floor Sale


The Mohawk Love Your Floor SaleFrom March 29th to May 13th, 2013, it’s time to love your floor and love your inspiration during Mohawk’s Love Your Floor Sale.

There’s nothing like the spring season in full bloom to spark your creative side as we find sources throughout our daily lives to be the perfect motivation for creating beautiful rooms.

At Mohawk, we want you to truly love the floors within your home and our annual spring sale is definitely worthy of playing match-maker!


We have luxurious soft carpet like Wear-Dated Embrace, durable hardwood floors, gorgeous laminate flooring, timeless porcelain tile, and of course, the ultimate in stain resistant carpet with SmartStrand.

After 136 years of bringing you the best flooring available, we know that special financing makes an already great sale even better. So, be sure to ask your Mohawk Floorscapes or ColorCenter retailer about those opportunities during the Love Your Floor sales event.


Selection is also another important component to any great sale. Because Mohawk is the world's largest flooring manufacturer, no one has a better product offering. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive flooring options you can choose form during the Mohawk Love Your Floor Sale:


WEAR-DATED EMBRACE CARPET: You insist on quality, durability, and softness. And you should. Fortunately, these qualities are inherent to all Wear-Dated® Embrace products, beginning with the fibers and extending to the remarkable warranties that accompany every new Wear-Dated Embrace carpet.

Love  your floor like Wear-Dated Embrace

MOHAWK HARDWOOD WITH ARMORMAX FINISH: There’s nothing like a quality, premium finish to make a beautiful hardwood floor really shine. Armor Max Finish featuring Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology is tested and proven five times more durable than other leading hardwood finishes.

Love your floor like Mohawk Hardwood with ArmorMax

CERAMIC TILE FEATURING REVEAL IMAGING: When you want a floor that is just as easy to clean and maintain as it is beautiful, look no further than Mohawk porcelain tile equipped with Reveal Imaging. This industry-leading technology gives you intricate tile detailing and unmatched color definition. With Mohawk's Reveal Imaging, you can get the look of natural slate and travertine, without sacrifice. Unike natural stone, which is porous and difficult to maintain, porcelain and ceramic tile offers unmatched durability and has a long-lasting wear performance.

Love your floor like Ceramic Tile with Reveal Imaging

SMARTSTRAND CARPET WITH DUPONT SORONA: SmartStrand® carpet offers the ultimate in stain protection along with superior durability, cleanability and softness in eco-friendly form. This revolutionary carpet makes being green an easy choice for you.

Love your floor like Mohawk SmartStrand carpet

Not only will GenuEdge prevent dust and dirt from getting trapped in the edges of your flooring, it will give your laminate floor the realistic look of hardwood to help meet your design goals and your budget.

Love your floor like Mohawk Laminate with GenuEdge

Create an amazing room like the ones above or allow your mind to run wild. Take advantage of incredible savings and special financing at Mohawk's Floorscapes and ColorCenter retail partners. The choice is yours and the time is now- find your inspiration and love your floor! Visit your local Mohawk retailer today!


Does Your Hardwood Flooring Finish Matter?


Mohawk Hardwood has the tough finish to protect your home from every spill.


When we think hardwood floors, we think of strength, durability and toughness.

The planks come from species such as majestic oaks and regal rosewoods, bringing to our homes the timeless beauty found throughout nature.


And as sturdy as their original sources are, these planks are also finished with technology to resist household wear and tear as well as ensure that spills will not permanently stain the appearance.


Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Mohawk Flooring creates hardwood flooring with finishes guaranteed to serve your home for decades to come with unparalled performance.


Don't underestimate the importance of your hardwood flooring finish- your beautiful home depends on it!


No matter how beautiful the planks may be, consumers will ultimately be looking for
hardwood floors that don’t scratch easily

Thankfully, Mohawk Hardwoods include floor protection from two amazing innovations,
ArmorMax Finish Technology and Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology. Here’s a little more info on just how important that hardwood finish can be:

1. ArmorMax Finish Technology - This is no ordinary topical finish. ArmorMax, featuring Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology, penetrates deep into the wood fiber, making hardwood 5 times more resistant to wear than other similar finishes.


  • Scored a superior 3,000 cycles compared to just 563 cycles for a leading competitor during industry standard Taber abrasion test

  • Built-in surface shield repels stains and everyday messes

  • Eliminates need for frequent hardwood cleaning for easy maintenance

  • Keeps floors looking newer longer


Oh yeah, did we mention that ArmorMax Finish is backed by a 50-year finish warranty? Talk about dependability!


2. Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology- As the gold standard and industry leader in stain and soil protection for over 50 years, Scotchgard 3M is proven protection from a name you trust.

  • Significantly reduces abrasive wear and soil build-up

  • Easy cleanups because spills and stains stay on the surface

  • Protection that keeps your floors looking newer, longer

    We love Scotchgard 3M so much, we even utilize this protection in featured Mohawk carpet styles as well.

For the ultimate barrier against everyday life, ArmorMax and Scotchgard Technology combine to give your hardwood a finish that provides flooring protection to the max!

10 Mohawk Consumer Reviews We Just Had To Share!


Consumer reviews rave about Mohawk Flooring!

At Mohawk, we pride ourselves on creating and providing the most stylish, functional, durable flooring and products in the market today.

Whether supremely soft carpet, unmatched realistic imagery created by Reveal Imaging on ceramic tile or life-saving carpet cushion, we want to go the extra mile when it comes to exciting innovation.

Many of these innovations even feature environmentally-friendly materials, construction process, or a greater positive environmental impact, all verified through Mohawk Greenworks

Of course, we can talk up what we create all day; the true test of whether we are meeting or exceeding the mark with Mohawk products are the homeowners and business owners who rely on Mohawk to bring them the best flooring possible. So don't take our word for it, you can read reviews on Mohawk products for yourself! These come from Mohawk owners across the world who took the time to share their testimonials and often, highly amusing anecdotes!

Without further ado, here are 10 consumer reviews we just had to share:

10) The Bentley of Carpets - from Missouri
SmartStrand is earning rave reviews!"My husband and I purchased the Smartstrand Silk and it is worth every penny! The feel of silky thickness under my feet is amazing! We chose the color Burnished Brown because between our kids and my husband refusing to take of his shoes in the house, I knew we would need a color that would be able to hide any spots between cleaning. My only "surprise" was that my Dyson would no longer vaccum the floor due to the thickness and high pile. I ended up purchasing a Riccar and even then the thickness makes it feel like Im pushing a non-propelled mower. NOT THAT I MIND!! The first night my kids and I just laid down in the hall enjoying the feel of the carpet! The love to tell there friends that they have "silk" floors in the home!"

"OMG!! These floors are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You cannot appreciate floors like this on the computer...they must be walked on to surely enjoy and appreciate the craftmanship that went into building these floors. A must have in any and every home..dont bother with any other competitor..its just a waste of time..get these floors from the start and enjoy the time saved from shoping around on your new Mohawk floors. Thank you Mohawk!"

8) Dog christened the new carpet in less than a week. - from Maryland
"Family loves the softness of the new carpet. So does the dog. She left her mark right away--but it came up with just water."

7) M&M disaster averted - from CO
"We have only had this carpet for two weeks, but already the ease of stain removal has proved itself! My dog got into a large bag of M&M's while we were out and I came home to rainbow colors on my white carpet where the dog had licked them up and down the hall. I was sure that this was going to be a disaster, my new carpet ruined. But, 10 minutes, a washcloth and some warm water later there was no sign of the M&M dye. So far this carpet meets and exceeds my expectations with regards to ease of cleaning - Phew - disaster averted!"

6) Hardwood / Laminate cleaner for you green folks out there - from Monterey, CA 93940, USA
"This stuff is the best. My first impression of it was it is okay for kids and dogs, and to top it off it has a really clean subtle scent. People always ask me what I freshen my house with, and I tell them it is just the cleaner on the laminate."

describe the image5) I LOVE MY TILE! - from Rowlett, TX, USA
"My fireplace turned out great - I'm so happy with the way the design turned out and the way with a little measuring we worked in the 6x6, the 3x3 mosaic, the 13 x 13 tiles and a deco that works great with this product. Thank you Mohawk for making my room!"

4) Doesn't Show Dirt! - from New Jersey
"I LOVE my luxury vinyl tile floor. We got Alterna, Druango Clay, the color is called Mushroom. We went with a grey grout. I can't begin to tell you how luxurious it is. It is a pleasure to walk on -- even barefoot. It's not cold in the winter nor hot in the summer. Our kitchen is right off the back deck and we have a dog -- need I say more?? You can't see dog hair, drool or muddy pawprints not to mention the drips and sludge that the rest of the family produces. I keep my house clean but don't need to clean every day anymore -- the floor is AMAZING at hiding everyday grime."

3) Awesome product w/durable,"snap-back-into-place" ability - from Watertown, SD 57201, USA
"I have Longboat Key Coastal Gold carpet that doesn't show dirt and snaps back into place after months of having a piece of furniture sitting on it and subsequently removed. It is also beautiful, warm and quietly "hugs" my living room and dining room with it subtle color and endurance. It is, so far, the best carpet I have had and I have received many compliments on it. Great job, Mohawk!! Keep up the good work!"

2) Total Luxury! - from Illinois, USA
"I love my Mohawk Intelligent Supreme Smartstrand. We put it in our newly finished basement. It's like walking on a cloud. The kids want to camp out on the floor every night Glad I paid a little extra for the longer strands. I agonized over the purchase. It was a tough decision between this and other Smartstrands as well as the Shaw but in the end I know I made the right choice."

1) my wife picked a lovely floor - from georgia
"my marriage is departmentalized, so therefore she filed through all the samples and came up with such a lovely floor at a good price. it looks great and i can tell by trodding on it that it is of good stock and very sturdy. still have yet to pay even half for it yet but no regrets. and to think, i wanted to clean our very dirty carpet. thank you, mohawk!"

And we want to hear your Mohawk testimonials as well: Make sure you let us know how Mohawk Flooring has served your home and share your story with the online community!


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